Final Bill


The Final Bill option provides the ability to have the system automatically calculate a “pro-rated” final bill, typically required whenever a piece of property changes ownership. If the user has a metered service that is being billed based on usage, such as Water, then a final meter reading MUST be taken and entered by the user during the Final Bill process.


When you select the menu option “Billing | Final Bill (or click on the Final Bill icon images\ebx_950092704.gif, the Account Selection and Sort Criteria pop-up (response) window is displayed for the user to select the account that requires a Final Bill to be generated. Once the account has been selected the following screen is displayed:




The user must enter the information for the New Owner/Buyer, the New Bill-To, and the Final Bill-To addresses. Note that this address information may have been entered earlier on a Final type of Service Order (see Svc Orders Tab ). The Final Bill option actually includes four separate Tabs:

Ø      Address Information

Ø      Add Final Reading

Ø      History

Ø      Preview of Final Bill (only displayed AFTER you click on the CALC button)

On the Address Information Tab there are 5 additional “sub-tabs” for the address information required to complete a Final Bill. The Current Owner/Seller (display-only), the New Owner/Buyer, the Current Bill-To (display-only), the New Bill-To, and the Final Bill-To address tabs require the same type of information as follows:

Ø      First Name – self-explanatory.

Ø      Last Name - self-explanatory.

Ø      Street Address - freeform, includes building number and street name.

Ø      Add’l Info - additional information necessary to complete the street address or to identify the exact location.

Ø      City - self-explanatory.

Ø      State and Zip - standard 2-character state abbreviation (can be selected from a Drop-down list) and the standard “5+4” United States Zip Code. NOTE: If the address is for an overseas address or does NOT fit the standard US-format, the user MUST enter “99999” in the 5-digit portion of the zip code and then enter the country and/or postal code into the other Country/Postal field (see below).

Ø      Country/Postal - used for overseas, APO, or other non-standard postal codes (see State and Zip above).

Ø      Home Phone - self-explanatory.

Ø      Work Phone - Note that an extension number can be entered after the standard format phone number.

Ø      Fax Number - self-explanatory.

Ø      E-mail Address - set up for future use.


On the Address Information Tab, there are 2 other updateable fields. The one field determines whether or not a new account is generated during the Final Bill process. The user has the option of either generating a new account (i.e. new account number) which simply “closes” the original account number and transfers all basic account information over to the new account. This option leaves the transaction history and meter reading history with the original account. If the user opts to NOT generate a new account, the final bill is calculated and applied against the original account number.


The other field on the Address Information Tab is the Final Bill Date. This can be a future date since, in many cases, a final bill MUST be generated prior to the closing date.


The Add Final Reading Tab is essentially the exact same screen that is used to add any meter reading (without the radio-button options). The user MUST enter the final reading and then, MUST tab to the next updateable field. The other fields that the user can modify are the final reading date, the meter read-by information, and the Remarks (pre-populated by the system with the text: “Final Reading”).


The user must now either press enter or click on the CALC command button. The system will calculate the final bill charges and then display the final bill total amounts broken down by each service billed by the utility. The final bill totals are displayed on the fourth, display-only, tab (Preview of Final Bill). If the user does NOT think that the bill totals are valid for any reason, the user can click on the CANCEL command button which will completely cancel out ALL information entered by the user on all of the abovementioned tabs. Otherwise, the user would click on the APPLY command button (or simply press the enter key since APPLY is the default action) and the customer’s account will be updated with the final reading and the final bill amounts.


The user can print the Final Bill at this point by clicking on the PRINT command button. The CONTINUE command button is also active at this point which will bring up the Account Selection and Sort Criteria pop-up (response) window for the user to select another account or EXIT from the Final Bill process.


Finally, if the closing gets postponed or cancelled, the user still has the option to Restore or Cancel the Final Bill.