Resequencing Accounts


Select the Route (Book) that you want to change the Meter Reading “Walk Order” for on the “Select Route for Walk Order Update” screen (menu option: “Meters | Route Sequence”):




In the left-side pane, highlight (select) the account or accounts that you want to move. If you select more than one account, the accounts selected will be moved together in “top-down” order. In the right-side pane, highlight (select) the single account that will immediately precede the accounts selected from the left-side pane. (i.e. the account you want to move the other accounts AFTER).




Click on the MOVE button and the accounts will be rearranged by the system.




You can continue to rearrange accounts until you have the route exactly the way you want it. Once you have completed moving all the accounts that need to be re-sequenced, click on the REBUILD button to make all of your changes “permanent” in the database.


Click on the NEW ROUTE button if you would like to re-sequence (rearrange) accounts in another route.