WinBill for Municipal Utilities - Overview / Features


WinBill for Municipal Utilities™ is a complete Utility Billing and Accounts Receivable software system designed for and compatible with the most current Windows® platforms (2000, XP, Vista, and 2003 Server).


WinBill employs true client/server technology throughout the system, allowing the majority of the “batch” or background processing to take place on the server to enhance the overall system performance.


The system is table-driven to allow the user to easily customize virtually all system options (e.g. all billing rates are completely flexible and can be easily modified by the utility whenever necessary). Flexible Billing Cycle tables allow each utility to bill services monthly, quarterly, or annually and provide the ability to bill services either separately or together on a single bill.


WinBill provides the ability to bill multiple service locations on a single bill resulting in tremendous time savings on large accounts. One bill, one payment, one entry! The system also supports billing for up to 5 separate services (e.g. water, sewer, solid waste, gas, electricity, etc.).


An Integrated Service Order system provides customer service history as well as a convenient means for tracking employee workload and productivity. The system also supports ALL automated meter reading systems, including hand-held reading devices, radio reads, phone reads, and satellite reads.


WinBill allows all reports to be viewed on-screen as well as being printed and most reports can be recreated at a later date for printing purposes if required for auditing or other administrative purposes. For example, the Daily (or more specifically, Batch) Deposit Details Report provides for easier reconciliation of batch deposits, since the report can be run as often as desired, reviewed on-screen, and printed once the deposit totals are in agreement.


The system allows for multiple batches within the same day and provides the capability of running multiple batches concurrently where individual employees are responsible for their own “cash drawer” or receipts.


Some of the specialized reporting capabilities of the system include the following reports:

Ø      Completely user-definable Journal Account Report summarizes each batch deposit and can be entered directly into the customer’s accounting system, either manually or automatically.

Ø      Management Audit Reports track each and every transaction entered into the system, even if the transaction was subsequently changed or deleted.

Ø      Tax Lien Sale Report for delinquent utility customers provides complete information required by the Tax Collector including interest calculated through the date of the Tax Sale.

Ø      Trial Balance Report can be generated for any time period required (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)


WinBill calculates and generates Final Bills (typically “pro-rated”) for real estate transfers or tenants that can be printed off in letter format to be either mailed or faxed. The system also automatically generates bill and interest corrections for over or under-billing due to incorrect meter readings.


Additional features provided with the WinBill for Municipal Utilities™ system include:

Ø      Search criteria options to allow user to access customer information by Account Number, Service Location, Block and Lot, Owner Name, etc.

Ø      Data entry intensive operations can be performed using the keyboard only (e.g. “bulk” entry processing of payments, manual meter reading entry)

Ø      Simplified Route Sequencing allows non-automated utility to enter meter readings in “bulk” mode in route sequence (“book” order).

Ø      Built-in Security allows a local system “administrator” to restrict level of system access by individual employee.

Ø      Unlimited number of Customer Account Notes can be entered and retained in the database to provide quick reminders and history of customer contacts.